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Onsite Training (ROVER) Requirements

ROVER is a mobile system that can be set-up in almost any room with a power connection. This information will help you plan and prepare for any Aspect onsite training program. It outlines the physical installation of Aspect Education Services onsite training systems and what you can expect.



Equipment location and space requirements.
All onsite training equipment should be in the same physical area as the training facility, creating a standalone environment that includes (as needed) the servers, laptops, hubs, cabling (RJ 45 Category 5 UTP LAN & RJ 11 Twisted-Pair) and applicable course documentation. However, because every training environment is unique, each site should be reviewed to verify that the location for the training and equipment is appropriate. The minimum requirements for the training location are listed below. Actual shipped equipment and power requirements will vary depending on the number of workstations/systems and the types of classes. The customer, together with the Aspect representatives, should ensure that the environment is safe for the students and equipment prior to scheduling and beginning class. Table 1 lists the approximate size and weight of the onsite training components.

Component Footprint Height Approx. Weight
Rover (large) system 70 x 32 inches 47 inches 450 lbs
Rover (small) system 27 x 35 inches 53 inches 400 lbs
Large PC/system case 39 x 31 inches 50 inches 400 lbs
Small PC/system case 35 x 24 inches 16 inches 150 lbs
Table 1: Component Size and Weight Specifications


Equipment power and air conditioning requirements.
The estimates in Table 2 below are based on standard 115-VAC isolated ground circuits. Actual power draws will vary depending on the number of systems supported. Sufficient air conditioning is required during the equipment powered-up mode to maintain a room temperature between 65 and 75 degrees and 20 to 80 percent relative humidity, non-condensing.

Component Draw
Rover (large) system 15-20 amps
Rover (small) system 15-20 amps
Laptops 1.5 amps
Hub(s) - as needed 1 amp
LCD projector (customer-provided) 4 amps
Table 2: Power Requirements


Customer-supplied equipment and facilities.
In addition, the customer will need to provide:

  • LCD projector (VGA/laptop input) and screen
  • Whiteboard and markers
  • Security (equipment security and storage - 24 hr)
  • Access (appropriate personnel access for room setup, training, and equipment movement or shipping - elevators, etc. Aspect will typically request access the day prior to class to configure the room and test equipment).
  • Room layout (appropriate work space, with seating and desks - maximum distance from equipment to each device is 25 ft. The recommended desk configuration is a standard "U" shape allowing all cabling to be consolidated in a non-traffic area).
  • Shipping (Equipment will arrive a few days before class and is usually picked up the first business day following class conclusion

Contact Information:
  • Call 1-800-999-4455 (Option 4) in North/South America
  • Call +44 (0) 208 561 7690 in Europe and Africa.
  • For Asia, please refer to the contact numbers listed by country

    You can also email us at education@aspect.com

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